The Importance of Selecting High-Quality Audio Interconnects

admin   July 19, 2016   Comments Off on The Importance of Selecting High-Quality Audio Interconnects

Audio cables are essential when installing audio equipment. Without good-quality cables you will not achieve sufficient sound quality and reliability. Let me explain this by example. An audio signal usually has travel between several components. Let us say that the signal comes from a CD player. The CD player outputs an audio signal usually by an analog RCA output jack. Then the signal travels via connected to a preamplifier. The preamplifier will amplify the signal and then delivered via yet another connector to the final amplifier. Then the final amplifier delivers signal to speaker cables which transmit the audio to the speakers. In this simple case, there are three cables between the source of the audio and speakers. If any of these cables was to break or the audio was unable to travel freely then this would affect the whole system.

Over time low-quality audio connectors will corrode. Corrosion will cause a transition between the plaque of the cable and the Jack of the audio equipment have a certain amount of resistance. The higher the resistance the harder it is for the audio signal to pass from the cable to the equipment. Also, in certain cases the audio connection may be disrupted completely. Another problem exist when you purchase some new-quality RCA cables. RCA cables use a ground shield which is conducted to the connectors which usually have many leaves. A low-quality cable will tends to get loose as the leaves will band outwards. Therefore, it is possible that the ground connection between the cable and the equipment will be disrupted. A missing ground connection can cause a humming noise.

Therefore, when purchasing speaker cables I would always look for quality. You do not necessarily have to purchase a brand-name item. Just take a good look and inspect the cable during your purchase. Also, you might want to do some research to find out what other customers think of a specific model.

Also, to simplify modifications, make sure that the cable is color-coded. The colors of the cable should match the colors of the audio checks of your equipment. I would also recommend adding some labels in order to be able to determine the function of each cable later on.

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