How to Set up Multiple Wireless Speakers

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I will give you some tips for adding music to larger environments such as outdoor sports arenas or large indoor spaces. Obviously, adding sound to the spaces is quite a challenge. The fact is that these environments are so huge that setting up a couple of speakers will not solve the problem. Even though there are omnidirectional speakers available which radiate sound evenly in all directions, those speakers are still not good if used by themselves.

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I’m also going to focus on setting up wireless speaker models. They are different types of wireless speakers available at which is suitable for outdoor use. If you are not using the speakers outdoors, you could also go to to find additional models which work as well indoors. The main challenge with using regular wireless speakers is the fact that sound dissipates fairly quickly the father you move away from the speaker. For that reason, you will have to set up multiple speakers instead of just a couple of speakers in order to distribute sound evenly. Otherwise there will be areas with very high volume which can be quite annoying and other areas where you don’t have any coverage.

In order to set up multiple speakers, you could either run wiring to all locations or opt for wireless models. Obviously, working with wireless speakers eliminates the need to run long speaker cables throughout the arena. I would recommend to locate the transmitter unit in a central location such that the distance between each speaker and the transmitter is fairly even. That will maximize reliability because no speaker is located far away from the transmitter.

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If, however, you are operating a large number of speakers, you might want to consider using multiple transmitters. However, keep in mind that you will need a connection between these transmitters in order to distribute audio. Let’s focus on having a single transmitter and multiple wireless speakers. If you set up traditional FM type speakers then your problem is pretty much soft because you can set up an unlimited number of speakers per transmitter.

With more modern wireless speakers, however, you are usually restricted in how many speakers can be set up the transmitter. In the above example, you can pair up to four speakers with one transmitter. If the space is not that large than four speakers might be plenty. For larger areas, you could resort to using multiple transmitters.

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