How to Enhance Privacy When Browsing the Web

admin   October 9, 2015   Comments Off on How to Enhance Privacy When Browsing the Web

If you are not technology savvy then you might be outsmarted by your computer believe it or not. The fact is that many companies especially those publishing content online keep tabs on your whereabouts and probably know a lot more about you than you would like to share. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to opt out of many ways of being tracked. In this post I’m going to offer some ways for enhancing your privacy when going online.

Most browsers have a number of settings which allow you to control to certain degree how far your browser would be able to share private information. Many websites have malware which can run in the background which can easily access information from the computer. By tweaking the security settings, you can disable certain scripts from running. Also, I recommend installing a firewall software which will enhance the protection. Some virus software already has firewall functionality built in.

However, in order to access many websites you will have to enable JavaScript which enables websites to run scripts in your browser. These scripts are able to track you and also extract information from your computer. Disabling JavaScript will protect you from this type of tracking but at the same time will block a lot of content from being loaded. Some websites won’t even let you on. Another way for publishers of online content to track uses is by using cookies. Traditionally, cookies would be stored by the browser directly onto your computer. By using a cookie wiper or by manually deleting cookies, you would be able to read move these traces. Unfortunately, they are much more advanced cookies available nowadays. In particular, flash cookies which install themselves on your computer if you have flash enabled are very difficult to remove.

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In order to be safe from being tracked I would recommend disabling JavaScript and flash. Also, you can disable cookies but again many websites will not allow you on unless you have cookies enabled. However, standard cookies are not as much of a problem because they can fairly easily be removed. As long as the browsers unable to run scripts, it will be difficult for any publisher to track you using modern tracking techniques. Also, I recommend using a VPN in order to disguise your IP address. An added benefit is that a VPN connection will encrypt the data from your computer to the VPN point. However, any data traveling from the VPN point to the website host will by default be sent in plaintext. However, if you access a secure version of websites then that information will be encrypted.

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