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A Few Words about Loudspeaker Impedance

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Loudspeaker impedance is not very well understood by many people. In this article, I’m going to go into some more detail regarding this fairly important specification of a loudspeaker. I’m also going to explain how this relates to picking a proper amplifier for driving the speakers.

Loudspeaker impedance is expressed as a number and the unit Ohms. Commercially available loudspeakers are typically rated at 4 or 8 ohms. However, they also loudspeakers available which are rated as low as 2 ohms and as high as 32 ohms. Now what exactly does that number represent? If you have ever used resistors while working or perhaps you are familiar with electronics then this unit represents a ratio. The ratio of how much voltage is required to exert a certain amount of current within the resistor is expressed in ohms. The same goes for loudspeakers.

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You should understand that loudspeakers are made up of a diaphragm which is …